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12-06-2024  Images and comments added to Hawley's, Depots B, N-P, Maidstone, Shops, Retail-London <74, Posters and Advertisements, Transport-Rigids. The Independent Dairies now also includes information from Wathes, Cattell & Gurden Ltd.
11-06-2024  Summer 1978 images added to Ski, Depots A, C-G, I-M, N-P, Q-S, T-Z, MMB, Over the Years, Directors >74, Parades, Awards, Other Dairies, Retail SW, Images, Cuddington, North-Yorks, Appleby >70, Bits and Pieces and South Ruislip Head Office <84.
10-06-2024  New 1978 images added to Over the Years, Ski, Directors >74, Catering, Depots B, N-P, Q-S, T-Z, Overseas, North-Yorkshire, North-Cheshire, North-Manchester, Bits and Pieces, Parades, Lockerbie, Crediton and Transport-Hand Carts.
07-06-2024  More 1977 images added to Hawley's, Other Ops-Dairies, Driver of the Year, Long Life/ UHT, Over the Years, Directors >74, North-Cheshire, North-Manchester, Parades and Charity, Retail-London, Minsterley > 70, Depots N-P, Q-S, South Morden to 79.
06-06-2024 New 1977 images added to North-Scotland, North-Yorkshire, North-Cheshire, Depots A, B, H, I-M, N-P and T-Z, Exeter, Shops, Over the Years, Cuddington staff, South Ruislip Ops, Tithe Farm, Eggs, Parades.
05-06-2024 New milk bottle image added to Kilmaurs Creamery.
04-06-2024 New laboratory image of Kilmaurs Creamery added.
02-06-2024  New sub-section added to Nerds Corner for Milk Marketing Board images. New pictures added to Seaton Junction.
MAY 2024
31-05-2024  New 1977 images added to Milborne, North-Manchester, Depots A, B, C-G, Q-S, T-Z, Tuxford and Tebbutt, Bits and Pieces, Shops, Exeter, Parades, North-Yorks, Ski, Images, Over the Years, Maidstone, Overseas, South Ruislip HO, Transport-Maintenance, North Tawton and Awards.
28-05-2024  Lapford Story text changed to indicate it was owned by Express in 1971, new video link added for Premier Supermarkets. New 1976 images added to Depots C-G, I-M, Q-S, T-Z, South Ruislip Head Office <84, North-Manchester, Over the Years, Directors < 74, A1 Dairies, Parades, Ski and Retail-Marketing. New image added to Kilmaurs Creamery, and Les Hose's name corrected on Depots Q-S.
27-05-2024 Images from 1957 Premier Supermarkets film 'Time for Leisure' added to Shops, Horticulture and South Ruislip Ops.
24-05-2024  Comments from Group members added to Depots N-P, Q-S, T-Z and Bowyers.
23-05-2024  Link to new video added of Beryl Purslove's retirement in 1992. Group members comments added to Kilmaurs and Lapford.
22-05-2024  New sub-section created in Creameries for Kilmaurs, acquired by Express in the early 1970's. New material also added to Bromley, Lockerbie, Sanquhar and Ruyton.
18-05-2024 Images from 1976 added to North-Lancs, North-Yorks, Depots B, H, N-P, Q-S, T-Z, Retail SW, Ski, Directors >74, Over the Years, Bromley, Sherborne, Hawley's and Marketing.
17-05-2024 More 1975 images and stories added to Marketing, Retail-SW, Shops, South Ruislip Head Office <84, North-Yorkshire, North-Cheshire, Over the Years, Hillingdon Depot, Directors >74, Crediton, Transport-General, Mtnce, Tankers and Rigids, Parades, Eggs and Tarvin.
16-05-2024  New 1975 images and stories added to Depots A, B, C-G, I-M, N-P, T-Z, College Farm, Sherborne, Hawley's, Over the Years, Directors >74, Transport-General, Bits and Pieces, North-Manchester, North-Cheshire, Cricklewood, South Ruislip HO <84, Awards and Long Service, Marketing, and A1 Dairies.
14-05-2024  New Transport section created for Vehicle Brochures, with extensive new images from, and images previously in Vehicle Maintenance moved. New Didcot Dairy brochure added.
13-05-2024  New 1972/3 images added to Tavistock Place, All Depot sections, Training Centres, Overseas, Parades, Ski, North-Manchester, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Scotland, Exeter, Didcot, Over the Years, Awards, Marketing, North Tawton, Directors >74, Transport-General, Maintenance, Tankers, South Ruislip Operations, South Ruislip Head Office > 84, Haywards Heath, Milborne, Minsterley > 70 and Cricklewood. Comment added to Sanquhar, new wartime milk distribution film link added.
09-05-2024  Comments added to Depots C-G, Appleby >70, Shops, Directors <73. New link to Express cartoon video 'Order an Extra Pint' from the 1970's added to the videos section. Retail depots that were renamed have been re-sorted, Vicarage Farm information is now listed under Kentish Town, Tithe Farm under Mill Hill and Gipsy Hill under Upper Norwood. If you search for the older name a notice tells you the new one. Thanks to Chris Austen for the info.
08-05-2024  New set of images from Soo Rose-Cook added to website, in Honiton, Ruyton and Graduate Recruitment Sections.  The HEAD OFFICE section now includes renamed 'Annual Reports' and ' Graduate Recruitment'. New Frome depot image from Elaine Moyes added to Depots C-G, other comments added to South Ruislip HO <84, Minsterley Early Days and Shops.
03-05-2024  Interesting, academic pdf document added to 'Books and Documents' section - 'Milk in Motion-Logistical Geographies in Twentieth-Century Britain' by Chris Otter of the Department of History, The Ohio State University.
02-05-2024  New images and stories from Christmas 1973 added to Crediton, Long Life milk, Driver of the Year, Depots N-P, T-Z, Over the Years, Marketing, Posters, North-Manchester, North-Cheshire, North-Scotland, Horticulture, South Ruislip Head Office <84, Honiton, Shops, Minsterley >70, Appleby Early Times and Maidstone.
01-05-2024  Images and stories from 1973 added to Over the Years, Depots B, C-G, H, I-M, N-P, Q-S, North-Yorks, Directors <73, Exeter, Bromley Processing, Awards, South Ruislip <84, Maidstone, Sanquhar, College Farm, North-Manchester, North-Cheshire, North-Scotland, Eggs, Ski, Product Pictures, Cricklewood and South Morden <79
APRIL 2024
24-04-2024  Depot sectIon reorganised, as some subsections were becoming too large. The revised sub-sections are A, B, C-G, H, I-M, N-P, Q-S and T-Z. Similar changes made to Directors, the revised sections are now 'Directors and Senior Managers 1973 and before' and 1974 and after.
New images and stories from Christmas 1972 added to Tavistock Place, all Depots, Cricklewood, Lapford, North Tawton, Directors <73, North-Scotland, South Ruislip Head Office <84, Bollo Lane, Appleby >70, Over the Years, Retail-Marketing, Publicity, Retail-London, Overseas, Maidstone, Ski, Colindale, South Ruislip Ops, Sanquhar and Tithe Farm.
23-04-2024  New Autumn 1972 images and stories added to Over the Years, Scotland, Overseas, Awards, Directors, Maidstone, Didcot, Staplemead, South Ruislip Ops, Parades, Minsterley >70, North-Cheshire, North-Yorkshire, Bits and Pieces, Exeter, and Depots A-B, H-L, M-P.
21-04-2024 New Summer 1972 images added to Parades, Ski, Over the Years, Directors <74, Bits and Pieces, Transport-General, Transport-Retail, Transport-Maintenance, Retail-South West, Retail London, Retail-Marketing, North-Yorks, North-Manchester, Product Pictures, Hawleys, Depots A-B, C-G, H-L, M-P, Q-S, T-Z, Awards, South Ruislip Operations, Milborne, Staplemead, Maidstone, Lapford, Honiton, Transport-Driver of the Year.
20-04-2024  New Spring 1972 images added to Parades, Retail London (both), Depots A-B, H-L, M-P, Q-S, T-Z, Ski, Transport-Retail, Scotland, Cricklewood, Minsterley <74, Milborne, Sanquhar, Over the Years, Maidstone, Shops, Restaurants, South Ruislip Ops, Awards and Long Service, Directors <74. Honiton comment added.
18-04-2024 Some copyright attributions corrected on Lapford Creamery entries, and a corrected Creameries Timeline inserted.
17-04-2024 Lapford creamery (Ambrosia) now added to the Creameries section, and the Creameries Timeline now amended to include Lapford.
16-04-2024  New sub-section for Marketing created within Retail Section. New images from 1971 added to Overseas, Exeter, Awards, Product Pictures, Parades, Depots A-B, C-G, M-P and T-Z, South Ruislip Operations, Minsterley > 70, Petersham Farm, Over the Years, Transport-Maintenance and South Ruislip <84. Video stills added to Tarvin, Reece's, Oswestry sections.
15-04-2024  New video added about the early history of Tarvin Dairy. New images added to Sudbury Park Farm, Tarvin, Retail-London <74, Rowsley, Parades, Tranport-Horsedrawn, Bits and Pieces, Depots M-P, Transport-Retail and South Morden >1980. New Spring 1971 images and stories added to Over the Years, Directors <74, Depots A-B, H-L, M-P, Q-S, T-Z, Product PIctures Job's, Ski, Transport-General, Transport-Maintenance, North-Yorkshire, Retail-London, South Ruislip <84, Tavistock Place and Appleby.
11-04-2024  New images and stories added to Didcot, Job's Dairy, Appleby, Whittington, Honiton, Minsterley, Transport-General, Transport-Driver of the Year, Training Centres, Petersham Farm, North-Yorkshire, Leyburn, Other Dairy Operations, Over the Years, Directors before 1974, Ski and Yogurts, Transport-Horsedrawn, Frith Manor Farm, Parades and Publicity, Shops, South Ruislip Head Office before 1984, All Depot sections, North-Manchester, North-Cheshire and Scotland.
10-04-2024  New section added for Job's Dairy. New images and stories from 1973 added to Over the Years, Eltham, Catering, Cricklewood, Hawley's, Awards, Directors <74, Ski, Overseas, Depots A-B, M-P, T-Z, Scotland, North-Yorkshire.
05-04-2024 New images added to South Morden > 1980, Directors > 1975 and Transport-Artics and General.
MARCH 2024
29-03-2024  New images added to South Morden >1980, Bits and Pieces, Wesley & Gatcombe, Retail-London <1974.
28-03-2024  New images and comments added to Depot Lists, Whittington, Minsterley Early Days, Creameries-Other, Transport-Rail, Exeter, Ski, Hotels and Didcot.
24-03-2024  New images and comments added to Catering, Exeter, Honiton and Retail SW. New 'Dancing milk bottles' video advert added to Videos-General.
22-03-2024  New videos added: 1. "Setting the Standards" showcases the Company's operations, 2. Corporate video from 1991, 3. Grand Metropolitan Foods Europe - 1990's - discusses the management of industrial waste.
21-03-2024 New video added about Cheshire cheese production at Reece's Creamery, Malpas.
18-03-2024  Article about Express in Eltham added to Processing-Eltham.
15-03-2024  New images from 1967 added to Parades, Horticulture, Minsterley Early Days, Crediton, Depots H-L, Tavistock Place, Awards, Driver of the Year, North-Yorkshire, TH Lewis and Directors <74.
12-03-2024  New images added to South Morden > 85, Transport-Rail, Depots T-Z and Shops.
09-03-2024  New images from Summer 1982 added to Catering, Depots A-B, C-G, Q-S, Over the Years, Exeter, Directors > 75, Staplemead and Ruyton.
08-03-2024  New images added to Tithe Farm, Frith Manor Farm, Cricklewood, Depots A-B, Farms and Dairying, Product Pictures and Eggs. New document added to EDT: 'Forgotten milkmaids and cows of St James’s and Green Park'.
06-03-2024  New subsection added to HISTORY OF EXPRESS DAIRY - 'Express Beginnings', article from the Camden History Group. New rail tanker images from GWR article by John Hosegood added to Transport-Rail, Didcot and South Morden. Updates to Shops, Posters, Tuxford and Tebbutt. Creameries Timeline added to the Creameries section, showing the period of operation of all the creameries.
05-03-2024  New images and stories from April 1982 added to Parades, Depots A-B, H-L, M-P, T-Z, Crediton, Honiton, Ruyton, Petersham Farm, Ski, Scotland, Transport-General, Transport-Rail, North-Cheshire, Catering, Retail SW, Exeter, Didcot, South Ruislip Processing, Over the Years and Directors > 75. Images from other FB Groups, and Express Dairy Tales Group, added to College Farm, Depots C-G, Tarvin, Driver of the Year and Tuxford and Tebbutt.
03-03-2024  New images and stories from July 1981 added to North-Manchester, North-Cheshire, Tarvin, Parades, Transport-Horsedrawn, Horticulture, Posters, Product Pictures and Depots C-G, H-L, Q-S.
02-03-2024  Comments updated on Staplemead, Exeter and Depots C-G. New 1968 images and stories added to Shops, Posters, Restaurants, Depots Q-S, M-P, T-Z, Hotels, Bits and Pieces, Awards, Overseas, Directors <74, Tavistock Place, Retail-London <74, Transport-Churns and Over the Years.
29-02-2024  Video sections now reorganised-videos featuring Express Dairy are in one section, General Interest Videos in another. New images added to Shops, Rowsley. Comments from FB added to Appleby and South Morden <79.
28-02-2024  New 1981 images and stories added to A1 Dairies, Overseas, Over the Years, Cuddington, Staplemead, Parades and Charity, All Depot sections except A-B, Shops, Retail-London >75, Appleby, Appleby Early Times, South Morden >80.
27-02-2024  New 1982 images and stories added to Appleby (all sections), Parades, Depots A-B, C-G, H-L, Q-S, Hunt's Dairies Sherborne, South Ruislip Ops, Awards, Maidstone, Tuxford and Tebbutt, Over the Years, Directors >75, Ski, Retail SW and Overseas. Video section reorganised and new link added to Express Cookery Demonstration. New images also added to Sudbury Park Farm, Farms and Dairying, Directors <74, Transport-Retail and Transport-Rail.
26-02-2024  Section heading mistake corrected, now just Didcot (Faringdon was moved to Creameries-Other previously). Wirral content moved to North-Manchester and section heading amended to include. New 1969 images added to Frith Manor Farm, Transport-Tankers, Over the Years, Directors <74, South Morden <79, Parades, Awards, North-Manchester, North-Yorkshire, Ski, Depots Q-S, H-L, Creameries-Other and Depot Lists. Comments added to Depots Q-S and Shops.
24-02-2024  New Summer 1968 images and stories added to Rowsley, Appleby Early Days, Maidstone, Cuddington, Overseas, Hotels, Depots C-G, M-P, T-Z, Posters, Ski, Product Pictures, Long Life/UHT, Parades and Publicity, College Farm, North-Manchester, Directors <74, Exeter, Awards and Catering.
23-02-2024  Ruyton leaflets moved to new category. New 1968 images and stories added to South Ruislip Head Office <84, South Ruislip Operations, Horticulture, Parades and Publicity, Maidstone, Petersham Farm, London Retail <74, Shops, Directors <74, Depots A-B, C-G, H-L, Q-S, Hotels, Ski, Catering, Staplemead and Express Over the Years.
20-02-2024  New images added to Frith Manor Farm and North-Yorkshire.
19-02-2024  South London article from 1981 added to Retail-London >85.
17-02-2024  New images added to Shops, Minsterley, A1 Dairies, Cricklewood, Depots H-L, Q-S, South Morden Processing, which has now been split into two sections - up to 1979, and 1980 onwards.
11-02-2024  New images from Adam Faiers about his grandfather added to new Stoke Newington section of Depots Q-S.
09-02-2024  Over 50 new images and stories added to Ruyton, and a second Ruyton section added containing the factory visitors brochure, description of the dairy by Yoland Brown, and the latest, second edition of 'The Story of Ruyton Creamery' by Express Dairy Tales.
07-02-2024  Christmas 1969 images added to Parades, Directors <74, Over the Years, Glasgow, South Ruislip HO <84, Honiton, Retail-London <74, Petersham Farm, Driver of the Year, Bromley Processing, Appleby Early Days, North-Manchester, North-Yorkshire, Hotels, Maidstone, Depots A-B, H-L, M-P, T-Z.
06-02-2024  October 1959 images added to Transport-Horsedrawn, Driver of the Year, Frith Manor Farm, College Farm, Parades, Whittington, Ruyton, Retail-London <74, North-Yorks, Over the Years, Depots A-B, H-L, Shops, Other Ops, South Morden, Cricklewood and Wesley & Gatcombe.
05-02-2024  December 1959 images added to Over the Years, Appleby Early Days, North-Yorkshire, Product Pictures, Parades and Tavistock Place. Retail-London and South now split into two sections -1974 and before, and 1975 onwards. South Ruislip Head Office also split into two sections - 1984 and before, 1985 onwards.
04-02-2024  1958 images and material added to Ski, Yogurts & Eden Vale [new title], North-Manchester, North-Yorkshire, Seaton Junction, Parades, Tithe Farm, College Farm, Depots C-G, H-L, M-P, Retail-London, Awards, Shops, South Morden, Driver of the Year, Tavistock Place, Leyburn and Bollo Lane.
03-02-2024  New December 1957 images added to North-Yorkshire, Shops, Parades, Images, Depots A-B, H-L, Q-S, Creameries-Other, Awards, Leyburn and Seaton Junction.
02-02-2024  New 1956 and 1957 images and stories added to Depots A-B, C-G, H-L, Q-S, Leyburn Creamery, Tavistock Place, Shops, Training Centres, Over the Years, Whittington, Parades, College Farm, Petersham Farm, Retail-London, Sudbury Park Farm, North-Cheshire, North-Yorkshire, Seaton Junction and Exeter.
31-01-2024  New 1960's images added to South Ruislip HO, Transport-General, Transport-Maintenance, Tranport-Driver of the Year, Directors <74, Over the Years, Retail-London, Depots H-L, Q-S, T-Z, Parades and Charity, North Manchester, Computing, Long Life/ UHT/ Tetrapak (now renamed to include Tetrapak), Posters and Adverts, Appleby-Early Times, South Ruislip Ops, Training Centre, Crediton, Farms-Petersham, Milborne.
29-01-2024  New 1975 images and stories added to Transport-Artics, Directors <74, Product Pictures, Parades, Depots A-B, C-G, T-Z, Staplemead, Farms-Petersham, Over The Years and Appleby. New images added from other FB Groups to Bollo Lane, Transport-Tankers, Rail, Horsedrawn and Churns.
27-01-2024  New images and comments added to Didcot, South Morden Processing, Long life, Appleby Early Days, Other ops, Parades, Depots C-G, H-L, Leyburn, Over the Years, North-Manchester, Seaton Junction, Artwork and Images, Tavistock Place, Transport-Driver of the Year, Eggs and Retail SW. 1984 images added to Shops, Transport-Hand, Transport-Horsedrawn, Transport-Churns, Transport-Retail, College Farm, T.H. Lewis and Tavistock Place. 1960 images added to all Depots, Directors > 75, Retail South West, Over the Years, Retail-London and Catering.
New Express Dairy Tales document added - 1960 illustrated fictional account ‘As we were - 1862—1934'
24-01-2024  New images added to Depots A-B, H-L, M-P, T-Z, Transport Vehicle Maintenance, Horsedrawn, Hand Carts, Tankers and Rigids, Other Operations, Exeter, Sherborne, UHT, South Morden Processing, Bits and Pieces, Staplemead, Honiton, Posters, Appleby, Eggs, Seaton Junction, Images and Artwork, Horam and Directors <74.
23-01-2024  New images and stories from Summer 1960 added to Over the Years, North-Manchester, North-Yorkshire, Training Centres (now renamed to plural), Lockerbie, Creameries-Other, Depots A-B, Appleby Early Days, Parades and Charity, Whittington, Transport-Driver of the Year and Scotland. Autumn 1960 images added to Parades, South Ruislip Processing, Shops, Appleby Early Days, Depots A-B, H-L, Transport-Vans, Transport-Horsedrawn, Driver of the Year, Frith Manor Farm, North-Yorkshire and North-Derbyshire.
22-01-2024  Captions updated from Facebook comments on Transport-Retail, Minsterley Social 2 and Maidstone. July 1958 images and stories added to Bits and Pieces, Eggs, Over the Years, Parades, South Ruisiip Ops, Shops, North-Yorks, Depots C-G, Driver of the Year, Retail-London, Dairy Supply Co, Leyburn, Cricklewood and Colindale. Safety First dinners for drivers now moved to Driver of the Year/ Safety First Events (retitled).
21-01-2024  New images added to Transport-Rail. 1969 images added to Appleby Early Days, Over the Years, Hotels, Transport-Retail, Farms-Petersham, Depots A-B, C-G, Parades, North-Yorkshire, Computing, Independent Dairies.
20-01-2024  New images and stories from 1974 added to Directors < 74, Over the Years, South Ruislip Head Office, Glasgow, Depots A-B, C-G, Posters and Adverts and North-Cheshire.
19-01-2024 New images and stories from 1959 added to Appleby Early Days, Seaton Junction, Transport Retail, Depots A-B, M-P, Q-S, South Ruislip Operations, Shops, Restaurants, Parades and Charity, Artwork and Images, Staplemead and Retail-London. 1971 images added to Over the Years, North-Yorks, Depots T-Z, South Morden Processing, Milborne, Bits and Pieces, Retail-London and Directors <74. Facebook contributions added to Awards, Exeter, Transport-Rigids, Transport-Horsedrawn, North-Cheshire, Bits and Pieces, Transport-Churns, Sherborne, Depots A-B, H-L, M-P.
18-01-2024  New images and stories from 1976 added to Appleby, Didcot, Product Pictures, Training Centre, Over the Years, Directors >75, Catering, North-Manchester, North-Yorkshire, Depots A-B, H-L, Q-S, T-Z.
16-01-2024  A1 Dairies, Minsterley Early Days and Ski updated with new comments. Aylesbury Foods and Woodhouse Hume are now separate sections.
10-01-2024  Captions updated from Facebook comments for Minsterley, Depots H-L, M-P, Tarvin and Directors Before 1974.
07-01-2024  New 1967 images added to Hotels, Over the Years, Depots H-L, Directors < 1974, T.H. Lewis, Parades, Minsterley, Ruyton, Whittington, Scotland, Cricklewood, Tavistock Place and Transport-Maintenance.
04-01-2024  New 1969 images added to Honiton, Eggs, Product Pictures, Depots A-B, C-G, H-L, T-Z, South Ruislip Operations, Directors, Exeter, Appleby Early Times, Milborne, Staplemead, Minsterley Early Times, Cricklewood, South Ruislip Processing, Hornby and Clarke, Tavistock Place and Training Centre.
03-01-2024  New 1970 images added to Hotels, Depots A-B, M-P, Q-S, Transport-Maintenance, South Morden Processing, Directors <74, Product Pictures, Appleby, Honiton, College Farm, A1 Dairies, Van Sales, Other Dairies, Transport-General and Tavistock Place. New 1956 images added to Depots A-B, C-G, T-Z, South Morden, Directors, Retail-London, Horam, Transport-General, Rigids, Vans, Retail, Tankers and Horse, Parades, Rowsley, Creameries-Other, Eltham, Tavistock Place and North-Cheshire.
02-01-2024  New 1965 images added to Express Over the Years, Other Dairies, Minsterley Staff, Mitcham Foods, Product Pictures, Transport-Horsedrawn, Depots A-B, H-L, M-P, T-Z, Hotels, Long Service and Awards, Tavistock Place, North-Yorkshire, Restaurants, Retail-London, Shops.
01-01-2024  New 1962 images added to Creameries-Other, Horticulture, Driver of the Year, Transport-Artics and General, Directors <1974, Catering, Retail-London, Shops, Express Over the Years, Crediton, Appleby-Early Days, Mitcham Foods, Parades, Hotels, Depots H-L, T-Z, M-P, Q-S, Staplemead, Whittington and Minsterley-Early Days. New images and stories added to Mitcham Foods, Cuddington and Minsterley Social 2.
2023 summary of updates archived to pdf file, you can view this in the Documents section, Website Updates.