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Illustrated book published in 1964, for the Centenary of Express Dairy. Author Bryan Morgan with Foreward by Walter Nell, the Company's President.
This is a detailed history of Express from the Barham family in the early years of the 19th Century through to 1964. 
(113 pages, pdf)
Stilton Cheese - Story from 'The Great North Road'
Web article from the village near Peterborough that gave Stilton Cheese its name.
The Rise of Lapford Creamery
Interesting story about Lapford Creamery in Devon, famous for the manufacture of Ambrosia products, in particular Ambrosia Creamed Rice. Briefly owned by Express from 1971.
Reprint of an article about Seaton Junction station by Rick Wood, published by Umborne.org
(16 pages with illustrations, pdf)
Many Express and related companies lost staff during the two World Wars of the 20th Century. Read about two employees of Horner's Creamery (became Eden Vale Cuddington) who were amongst 32 young men from nearby villages who lost their lives.
(4 pages, pdf)
The Milk Supply of a London Borough (Finsbury) was published in 1903 by Dr George Newman, the Finsbury Medical Officer of Health. It traced the supply of milk from over a thousand farms, through 14 'wholesalers', also direct supply from around 50 rounds that obtained supplies from other farms, and around a dozen shops that obtained their milk from local town cowsheds. He found many issues with lack of hygiene, adulteration with water and preservatives (formalin), TB and (lack of) temperature control.
(pdf, 37 pages)
History of J. Clarke's dairy in Richmond, Surrey which became Horby & Clarke's in 1917 and was taken over by Express Dairy in 1960 
Academic article about the development of the milk trade in the UK during the 20th Century, by Chris Otter
Department of History, The Ohio State University, USA
(pdf, 16 pages, plus references)
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